Lawn Care
We are looking for someone to mow Upper Sassafras Parkway and Cold Stream starting in July. A stipend is included to cover gas and maintenance. If you are interested please email the board at:
Fire Risk Wildcat Areas
As you all know, we have had little to no rain the past 2-3 weeks and none has been forecasted for the next several weeks.  The humidity this morning up on the mountain has fallen to less than 35% and looks like it will drop further which makes this very dry right now and a huge fire risk.  I would ask that you emphasis to your respective communities the importance of NO outside fires of any kind whether supervised or not.  It is simply to dry to take this risk.    Let’s keep us all safe!
Thank You!
John Tarantini
Pickens Fire and Rescue
Station 10 Monument Road
Hello Friends and Neighbors of Sassafras Mountain Estates,
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trina Britt. My husband Tom and our two daughters moved from Canton, GA to Sassafras Mountain six years ago. This mountain's beauty and peacefulness has become a place we love to call home. For 5 years, my job required me to travel the roads of the North Georgia Mountains.That experience caused me to develop a deep appreciation for the quality of roads that we have in our community. Everyone’s continued financial support is vital in our efforts to keep our roads safe.
For those, who have made a contribution during fiscal year 2022/2023. Thank You! Your contribution makes a big difference. If you haven’t yet contributed, please consider doing so today. Visit us at Sassafras Mountain Estates Donate
I joined this board two years ago with the desire to learn and understand how to make a difference. As your new President, it is my honor to introduce my fellow board members.
Jeff Kirves - Vice President
Adrian Barzola - Secretary
 Mark McDonnell - Treasurer
Penny Howard - Social Committee
Paul Miller - Road Committee
Mark Stubbs - At Large
Erin Russell - Web Master
Many thanks to retiring board members Joyce Leath, Bonnie Lovejoy and Kelly Watson and members Kris Lovejoy and Dennis Leath for their contributions.
We are committed to making a difference in our community and together, with your support, we will make an even bigger one.
On behalf of the new board, thank you for the opportunity to serve our community. We welcome your feedback and questions.
Visit Sassafras Mountain Estates and look for the “Contact Us” button or, email us at
Lastly, ensure we have your current contact information. Click here to update your contact information
We look forward to meeting you all at future community events!
Warm Regards,
Trina Britt