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Posted on Sep 23rd, 2023

SMEPOA Road Stewards have been working with the Wildcat Community, which we are part of, to obtain a major federal grant that will help our property owners protect their homes and land from wildfire. To ensure we get the necessary funding, we need EVERYONE to sign up for the Home Hazard Assessment soon as possible.
Here is what is included:
  • A wildfire mitigation specialist with the Wildcat Community will inspect the exterior of your home for fire hazards, including a 40-foot perimeter around your home.
  • If you are a vacant lot owner, the specialist will assess your lot as well.
  • The specialist will advise what actions should be taken to better protect your property from potential wildfire.
  • Some items will be up to homeowners to handle at their option, such as missing shingles, damaged window screens, and adding protective mesh over vents.
If we receive the grant Contractors for the Wildcat Community will do the following FREE OF CHARGE:
  • Clean your gutters and clear debris, pine needles, and dead leaves from your roof, vents, and eaves.
  • Remove all debris, underbrush, and trees that fall within 40 feet of your home.
  • Cut down dead trees of 8 inch or less diameter within 40 feet of your home.
  • Tree debris will either be chipped for use on the involved property or removed to a dump site by the contractor.
  • Clear all trees fall and underbrush on undeveloped lots that place developed lots, roads, or infrastructure at risk.

The goal of this grant is to protect homes, infrastructure, and property from wildfire by removing sources of fuel and creating defensible space. Property owners will not be required to do anything advised by the wildfire mitigation specialist, but it is recommended to follow the guidance provided. There is no good reason not to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to improve your home and property at NO COST. Please sign up online as soon as possible and use this link: Home Hazard Assessment Request
You can also sign up in person at The Chili Cook Off on October 14th.
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